IQT of Iquant Chain
The first decentralized intelligent trading system based on block chain to connect the global assets

About Us

Iquant is what our team has been doing until now. As the world's top quantitative platform in global financial asset trading field, we provide one-stop intelligent services, including account opening, transaction, intelligent investment consulting, market condition, information, sociality and other functions about stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange and other products. In 2016, we introduced Collective2, the leading quantitative trading platform in the US, to serve as our overseas special section to connect all the financial derivatives in the world. Its business has covered more than 100 market centers of over 25 countries around the world.

Iquant team has explored and researched the application of block chain technology in the real financial assets and digital assets for a long time. Iquant Chain ( is our exploration results. Iquant Chain is the first application of block chain technology in real digital and financial assets business, whose basic structure including account book level, service level and application level. For more information, please go to our White Paper.

Project Progress

2016.1--Launch of 5iquant China domestic financial assets investment product
2016.6--Launch of 5iquant international financial asset investment product
2017.6--Launched IQT project
2017.9--IQT is listed on Cryptopia, ALLcoin, Coinexchange and Etherdelta
2017.9.25--Launched ICO project of IQT
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Iquant Chain, Connecting Global Assets
Currently the only successfully landed project in which world's top-class quantitative platform entered block chain application area

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Our Mission

To establish the 1st decentralized, safe, convenient, intelligent and globalized quantitative asset trading platform
One-stop Integration of Global Digital Assets
Intelligent and Quantitative Financial Investment
To provide intelligent, simplified and one-stop quantitative investment consultancy service for ordinary investors all around the world

Our Strength

Novice investors can register for FREE and obtain the actual guidance experience via demo account
Deployed on Cloud can allow automatic push-button trading without keeping an eye on it
Risk parameter can be set independently to make risks as controllable as possible
Ordinary investors will get the access to intelligent cryptocurrency assets investment consultancy system
The investment strategy combination function will realize the hedging of multiple strategies
The big data analysis will generate smart ranking of trade strategies recommended
Professional investors and organizations will obtain one-stop professional quantitative service

Iquant Chain (IQT) Market Prospect

Iquant Chain application on world-class top quantitative platform
23,0000 Traders
7,3000 Strategies
Huge user base existed at the platform; World-wide market of financial and cryptocurrency assets; Simplified investment model via follow trading; High demand and capacity in the market.
Copy the most excellent traders' signal to your account
Block chain technology optimize trust mechanism, removing the payment obstacle for global users

International Star Team Member

Mr. Leo Chen CEO of Iquant Chain
As the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of 5iquant, Chen is a senior financial expert who has in-depth study and experience on global asset allocation and quantitative trading. Skilled in big data mining and analyzing, experienced in digital currency trading and has more than 5 years senior management experience in Fortune 500 companies.
Mr. Tony Hu Iquant Chain Co-founder COO
Co-founder as well as COO of 5iquant, majored in Administration of Industrial and Commercial Enterprise and started business since Y2008, he is highly experienced in global market investment, quantitative model investment and digital currency investment, and also practically experienced in market research, channel construction, commercial cooperation and business model. Serving many years as senior executives in listed companies, he is a strong supporter and researcher of block chain industry.
Mr. Matthew Klein CTO of Iquant
As the founder of Collective2 and a pioneer in block chain industry, he has considerably thorough research on the quantitative trading of global stock, futures, option and foreign exchange as well as related system construction and trading strategies, and knows well about the development of global quantitative trading industry especially overseas.
Ms. Fernanda Parisi Iquant Senior Consultant
Doctor of Engineering from University of Minnesota in USA, she has been employed as R&D engineer or technology expert in several high-tech companies such as Google, Qualcomm and Bloomberg and has acquired rich experience on computer system design, product development and engineering project management. Based on her learnings about block chain technology and digital currency, her current research focuses on the application of combination of quantitative trading and block chain technology in financial market.

ICO Scheme

Iquant Chain (IQT), as the platform token, will be circulated supplied constantly 100 million in total and never be supplemented.
Offering Method
It is expected to be issued via 2 series, 10% to be offered in Pre-ICO, 30% in ICO., 10% as the returns for early-birdinvestors, 15% for marketing promotion rewards and community rewards, and the rest 35% to be held by the founding team whose lock-up period lasts 2 years.
Distribution Scheme
The exchanged ETH by public offering will be used to develop the Iquant Chain Intelligent Advisor System, including Blockchain development, marketing and promotion, technology research etc.
Offering on official website for the investor all around the world except China
Founding Team
To be held by founding team in the early stage and IQT will be the returns upon their future contribution, whose lock-up period is 2 years.
Marketing events promotion rewards and Community Rewards
No more than 15% tokens as marketing promotion rewards and community rewards, which will not be locked up
Early-bird Investors
Early-bird investors consist of many entrepreneurs in the industry and senior investors who have provided lots of help for the development and launch of Iquant Chain platform including but not limited to their financial, human and material resources, so this portion will be their returns